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abbott brown  is an architecture studio in Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia) with a reputation for bold, impactful design. Completed works have been at a range of scales, from large public commissions to small residences.

We believe that good design empowers spaces and people.  We create environments that are engaging, considered, and healthy.  We bring an open-minded attitude, listen, and look for the hidden potential within any given scenario.

Projects completed by the office have received multiple design awards.



Lookoff House   Byre   West End Toronto   Eave House   Open/Fold   Brook House  Ravine House
Liminal House   Pugwash   Reclaim(ed) Living   North End Terrace   Cape House   Hawke River House
Cross|Passage House   Shaw Island   East Coast Mobile   HIP Boathouse   Hearth House  North End Garden  Bothy   Flemming   SkyBox House   Back Box House
   Gaspereau   Sallyway House   The Dovecote   Northwest Arm   
Bump House   Martin's River   Henry Hill House   Macara   Jollimore   White Ash House   

Highland_Village_Museum-1673 Crop.jpg


Dalhousie HR Offices   The HUB   Musquodoboit Harbour Library   Dartmouth Ferry Terminal   Craig Gallery   Lunenburg Boathouse    Harbour East Community Council   Dalhousie Computing Services   Carroll's Corner Centre   Highland Village Interpretive Centre Journeyman Film Company   Dalhousie Art Gallery   Zatzman Sportsplex   Centre For Art Tapes   Transportation Co-Lab      
Halifax Shipyard
  Tel Lofts   Music Nova Scotia   ArtsPlace   Selwood Green   School of Architecture Lecture Hall   Wolfville School 
Alderney Library Drumlin   Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
   Tiny Lab   Yukoan Teahouse   Gottingen Street Mix-use   
Leave Out Violence
  DHX Media   Keji Weather Station   Alderney Commons   Dartmouth North Library   Halifax City Hall Clerks' Office  Dalhousie Art Gallery   Halifax Provincial Building   Alderney Gate Drumlin   Common Works    

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Abbott Brown was established in 2013. The partners, Jane Abbott and Alec Brown worked in Vancouver, Berlin, London, Copenhagen and Toronto before each returning to Nova Scotia.

Much of our work reflects this intersection between modern, aspirational design thinking and an appreciation of the local Maritime context and conditions.

Our approach is rooted in the conviction that architectural design can be richer and more impactful than it often is. We search for new opportunities to improve a given scenario, to be clear in the design idea, and to distill issues down to strong elemental moves which in turn bring buildings to life. We work collaboratively with our clients, with builders, engineers, craftsmen and artists to draw these qualities out and to create spaces with a joyful and rooted sense of place.

Abbott Brown Architects strives to provide an inclusive and diverse creative and working environment.  We are committed to designing welcoming, safe spaces that offer design equity for all ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and abilities. This means working in meaningful collaboration with communities and individuals whose voices have been overlooked.

Abbott Brown Dalhousie
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© 2017 Abbott Brown Architects

Or contact us directly:

5657 Cornwallis St

Halifax, NS B3K 1B6

902 405 8877

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Photo Credits: 1-2 - Julian Parkinson, 4- Maxime Brouillet, 5 - Marvin Moore

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