jane abbott  NSAA LEED AP

Jane was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and grew up in Halifax. After an undergraduate degree at McGill she graduated from the renowned Theatre and Clothing Design program at the Danish Technical Design School in Copenhagen, and went on to work with the Canadian Opera Company, The National Ballet of Canada, and the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.

After living and working in Toronto for a number of years, Jane moved back to Halifax, and graduated from Dalhousie’s School of Architecture, receiving RAIC Honors, the AIA Henry Adams Medal and the NSAA Thesis Award. She co-founded Abbott Brown Architects in 2013.  Her work both with Abbott Brown and beforehand garnered multiple Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Design.

Jane teaches at Dalhousie, and lectures more widely. She has an abiding love of Danish design, and is a passionate voice for the role of progressive architecture in our lives and our communities.  Jane is forever pushing for projects both in the office and beyond it to aspire to make a difference, no matter the context and limitations.

alec brown  NSAA LEED AP

Originally from Montreal, and Lunenburg County, Alec studied Art History at St. Andrews in Scotland, and architecture at T.U.N.S. (now Dalhousie). He worked with several prominent architectural offices in Vancouver and Europe, including McDowell+Benedetti in London and Studio Libeskind in Berlin, before returning to Nova Scotia, and starting his own firm in 2009.

Over the years, Alec has worked on projects large and small that have been recognized through design awards and widely published. In 2011 his office was selected as one of 20 leading emerging designers by the national organization 20+Change. He teaches design at the Dalhou­sie School of Architecture.

Alec has been a vocal advocate for modernist design in the context of the rich landscapes and townscapes of rural Nova Scotia, which has become one of the core explorations of the office and led to a series of award-winning residential projects. He is a long time practitioner of Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea.


katelyn latham  NSAA ARCHITECT

Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Katelyn moved to Halifax where she completed a Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie University. During her final semester, Katelyn realized something was missing. Throughout her childhood, Katelyn spent time helping her father design and renovate the houses they were living in. This passion for creativity was lacking throughout her university years. It was during this time that Katelyn decided to study architecture.

Katelyn continued her studies at Dalhousie University where she obtained a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and a Master of Architecture in 2016. Prior to her current position at Abbott Brown Architects, Katelyn gained valuable work experience through Dalhousie’s
co-op program. A position at a local design build studio and eight months at ABA strengthened her appreciation for the relationship between design and the world of construction.

Post thesis, Katelyn happily returned to Abbott Brown Architects.



Karen was raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She received a diploma of Graphic Design and Marketing Communications before pursuing an education in architecture at Dalhousie University. She received a Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies in 2018 and a Master of Architecture in 2020.

After graduation, Karen joined the Abbott Brown team, where she is working towards becoming a registered Architect.

Photography: Marvin Moore